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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Linen and Towels Included in the Rental Price?
Bed linen is supplied at all of our villas. 1 (Greek sized) bath towel and 1 hand towel per person are supplied. Pool towels are always supplied at all of the premium villas. Pool towels are also made available at nearly all of our other villas, though they will not be laundered during your stay and it is asked that you wash them at the end of your stay. It will be mentioned in the villa description if there are pool towels at the villa.

Is Air Conditioning Included in the Rental Price?
The majority of our villas and apartments have air-conditioning in the bedrooms and some also have it in the living room. The air-conditioning is included in the rental price but we do ask that you respect both the environment and the villa owners by only using the A/C when necessary. Air-conditioning is listed in the Amenities section of each individual villa description.

Are Transfers Included in the Accommodation Price?
Transfers are not included in the rental prices of our properties. We are, however, happy to arrange taxi transfers or car hire for you. Further details are available in the transport section of this website, and full details and prices listed on our booking forms.

Can We Have Extra People and/or Extra Beds In the Villa?
Our detailed villa and apartment descriptions state who many people may stay at each villa or apartment. This figure has been determined by the number of people that property is licensed and insured to accommodate. Only the people named on your booking form may stay in the villa, and the number of guests cannot exceed that which the villa or apartment is licensed for. If you would like an additional guest to stay in the villa, please ask as soon as you can. We will agree to this where possible, but an extra charge may need to be made to cover the extra cleaning, laundry and utilities. If necessary can supply a fold-out bed for the rental price of 10.00 Euros per week - but please reserve one in advance because we have a limited supply.

When will we Receive Confirmation, Key Information and Directions?
We will send you Confirmation of booking when we receive your Deposit Payment, and a Confirmation of payment in full when we have received your Final Balance payment. When we have received your Final Balance Payment we will send you the detailed directions to the villa, where to find the keys, advice about driving in Crete and useful information about Crete.

Where Will I Find the Keys Upon Arrival?
The House Manager will leave the keys at the villa for you. Many of the villas have a key safe near the main entrance of the villa and we will supply you with the code to the key safe when we send you the detailed directions to the villa. For villas without a key safe we will let you know exactly where to find the keys when we send you the detailed directions to the villa.

What are the Check-in and Check-out Times?
Villas are normally ready for occupation on the day of arrival at 15.00 hours. Check out time is 10 - 10.30 am on the day of departure.

We Have Late Flights Upon Arrival- Can We Arrive at the Villa In the Night?
Because the house manager will have left the keys for you at the villa it is not a problem for you to arrive at the villa any time out of hours.

We have a Late Flight Upon Departure - Can We Stay at the Villa after 10.30?
Depending upon the arrival time of the next guests, and for a fee paid locally to the house manager in the resort, it may be possible for you to stay on later at the villa. If it is possible, this can be arranged for you by your house manager during your stay. If it is not possible for you to stay on late at the villa we have an arrangement at a lovely local hotel whereby you can leave your luggage with them on your final day and you may use their facilities such as swimming pools, roof garden café and bar, and shower and changing room, or you can go the beach and local taverns. You can also pay a day rate for a private room at the hotel if there is one available.

We Arrive Early on the Island - Can We Arrive at the Villa before 15.00?
If you have an early arrival on the island it should be possible for you to leave the luggage at the villa (after the departing guests have left) and then leave the villa and go to the beach, shops, or taverns so that the maid and house manager can clean and fully prepare the villa without interruption. When you leave your luggage at the villa the house manager will be able to let you know at what time you can return to the villa (it will most likely be earlier than 15.00). You also have the option of leaving your luggage at a local hotel that we have an arrangement with.

What is in the Welcome Pack?
In order to help you relax after your journey Standard Welcome Packs are provided free in each villa with a private pool on the day or arrival and they generally include basic items such as bread, butter, jam, feta cheese, tomatoes, fruit, wine, orange juice, water, milk, coffee, tea bags, sugar, toilet paper, biscuits, and starter packs of washing up liquid, washing powder, and dish washing tablets. The Small welcome pack is provided free in each villa with a shared pool and is similar to the standard welcome pack but does not include fruit, and starter packs of washing products.  Items in the welcome packs may vary because some of the owners like to add their own homegrown/homemade products. If you have booked a 2 cent-re/2 villa holiday you will only receive a welcome pack at the first villa.

Is Car Hire Necessary?
Car hire is not included in the villa or apartment rental prices. At some of the villas car hire is necessary because local buses are almost non-existent and taxis are expensive. Even at properties which are near to amenities we do highly recommend car hire because without transport you will miss seeing many of the spectacular sights that Crete has to offer. A car gives you the freedom to travel at your leisure, with total independence and the opportunity to visit some of the more remote areas of Crete that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Can You Arrange Car Hire for Us?
We can arrange car hire for our guests. We have negotiated special prices with some excellent companies that provide first class service, reliable and well- serviced vehicles, plus unlimited mileage and CDW, fully comprehensive insurance for peace of mind for you and your family. Because we book a lot of cars each season with these car hire companies they do give our guests priority. We can arrange to have the car/s delivered and collected to/from Chania airport or your Villa at no extra charge, or to Souda/Chania Ferry Port at no extra charge from 09.00 - 21.00 (and for a fee out of these hours), or to Heraklion Airport or Heraklion Ferry Port for a fee.  You are welcome to book your own car hire but please note that we are unable to intervene in any problems that may arise with car hire that is not booked through us.

Can We Book a Specific Car?
When we email you the booking forms we also included an attachment which lists the prices of different Groups (categories) of cars - including the makes and models in each category. In order to avoid disappointment we highly recommend that you book your car hire early - particularly if you require a people carrier or jeep during high season. In each Group/category there is a choice of similar vehicles. If you have a preference you are welcome to let us know and whilst we will endeavor to supply your first choice vehicle, we cannot guarantee it.

How Many Drivers Can be Put In the Car Hire Contract?
Greek law allows no more than 2 drivers on each hire car contract. The law also states that the car hire contract must be in the car at all times, and that only the drivers named on the contract can drive. The named drivers are also required to have their valid driver's license with them at all times when driving the vehicle.

What Documents are Required to Rent a Car?
Drivers must hold a valid driver's license and must be over the age of 23. Some larger vehicles require that the driver must be over the age of 25. Full details of these vehicles are specified on our car hire booking forms.

How Do We Collect Rental Cars?
Upon arrival at the airport or ferry port you will be met by a representative of the car hire company who will be holding a sign. He/she will take you to the car and fill out the contract with you. When you fill out the car hire contract the car hire company will require a credit card number in case there are damages to the vehicle that are not covered by the insurance or are within the excess amount of the insurance.

Does the Car Hire Company supply Baby Seats and Roof Racks?
With car hire booked through us the car hire company will supply baby seats, child seats, booster seats, roof racks (when available), and a road map of Crete free of charge. Sat Navs can be supplied for an extra fee. Please request these at the time of booking.

What is the Petrol Policy? What is the Petrol Policy?
The petrol policy is that you should return the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank as when the car was given upon arrival.

Can You Arrange Airport Transfers for Us?
We are happy to arrange private airport transfers for you via fully licensed and registered taxi, people carrier, or mini bus. Each Greek Taxi can carry up to 4 persons plus luggage allowance (they are not licensed to carry more than 4),  People Carriers can carry up to 8 persons with limited luggage, and Minibuses can carry up to 14 persons with limited luggage.

We will arrange to have you met at the airport upon arrival, and picked up at your accommodation upon departure. We use local drivers who know where the villas are located.  There is a section on our booking forms for airport transfer reservations - including the prices.

Can You Book Our Flight and/or Ferry Tickets for Us?
We are villa specialists and therefore do not arrange flight or ferry tickets for our guests. Our guests are usually independent travelers who prefer the flexibility to make their own arrangements to suit their needs.

Should I have Travel Insurance?
We strongly recommend that you take out Comprehensive Holiday Insurance Cover. Your insurance is to cover both yourself and other members in your Party against Flight Delays, Luggage Loss, Illness and, equally important, any Cancellation of the Booking due to last minute unforeseen circumstances that mean that you cannot come on holiday as planned.

Why Do You Require My Travel Insurance Policy Number and Emergency Phone Number?
We ask you for your insurance details and emergency phone number to be put on our booking form. We ask for these so that we can help you quickly in the case of an emergency.

If you were to be involved in an accident and taken to a private clinic/hospital they would immediately require your insurance information in order to admit you but you might not have it on you, or be in a condition in which to give it - but if we have this information on file we can access it quickly so that you can receive immediate treatment.

What Happens if I Have a Medical Emergency?
If you have a medical emergency whilst you are here one of our team can accompany you to the hospital or private clinic. It can be frightening for a guest to be taken ill when they are in a foreign country but we can make things easier for our guests because we are used to the procedure at the hospital Emergency Department and we all speak Greek.

For small medical issues our comprehensive Villa Information Book in every property contains information and phone numbers for doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, the hospital, and private clinics. We work closely with 2 lovely local doctors who will visit you at the villa if you cannot make it to their office. Our local representative will also be on hand if help is needed.

Are any of the Accommodations Suitable for Guests with Disabilities?
Whilst none of the villas and apartments are specifically designed for guests with disabilities, some of the properties are more suitable than others. Please email us for advice on this matter and we will be happy to help you.

Are Mosquitoes a Problem?
During the hot summer months there can be mosquitoes, though some people are much more susceptible to being bitten than others. We recommend that you use a spray repellent when going out at night, and a plug-in mosquito killer in the villa when sleeping at night. Both of these items can be bought locally in supermarkets, mini markets and pharmacies, and some of the villas do have plug-in mosquito killers though we cannot list these in the villa amenities because it can change during the season.

Villa Address?
Villages in this part of Crete do not have street names therefore we cannot give you an exact address. Each post code / zip code  covers a large area that will include many villages, so this will not be useful if trying to program a sat nav. Many of our guests find that sat navs do not take them on the most direct route to their destination, and they do sometimes get them lost. We therefore supply you with very detailed directions to the villa along with GPS coordinates.

WIFI Internet Access?
All of our villas now have WIFI Internet Access - though the speed is almost always not as fast as you are used to in your home country.

At all but 2 of the properties air-time is included in the rental price though some do have a limited number of GB’s available for downloads – please check the individual villa descriptions. At 2 of the villas the guests will need to purchase top-up cards for air-time from either our resort representative or at local shops and kiosks. Currently these top up cards cost 20.00 Euros for 15 days air-time or 1GB in downloads (whichever comes first).

It is listed in the Amenities section of each villa description on our website if top-up cards need to be purchased for WIFI internet air-time. Free WIFI internet access is also available at many local cafes and tavernas.

TV/Satellite Channels.
TV channels vary greatly from Villa to Villa and they are usually supplied via an android box using WIFI, or via a satellite TV box. If the villa has an android box the channels can include UK TV such as BBC, ITV etc., as well as TV channels from other European countries. Because the WIFI speed can be slower than in your home country, some buffering might occur from time to time. Satellite TV boxes on Crete generally have"Freeview'' channels available from either Arabsat or NileSat. These channels include Sky News, BBC World News, CNN, and a good variety of channels which feature American movies and TV series. Very occasionally the Satellite TV is supplied by the Greek supplier "Nova '' which only has 2 or 3 channels in English which are usually CNN, Bloomberg News, and/or BBC World News. Very occasionally the villa will only have Standard terrestrial Greek TV channels in Greek, but from lunchtime at the weekends, and every night from approximately 9.00pm, there are often programs and films from the U.K. or America that are in English with Greek subtitles.

Are Cots and Highchairs Available? Do You Provide Linen for Babies?
If you have an infant and are going to be staying at one of our luxury villas we can provide 1 travel cot and/or 1 high chair free of charge. Additional cots or high chairs will have a rental fee. If you have an infant and will be staying at one of our other lovely villas (though not in the luxury category) we can provide a travel cot for the rental price of 10.00 Euros per week and/or a high chair for the rental price of 5.00 Euros per week. In either case please request this in the space provided on the booking form, as we may not be able to provide a cot if it is done too late, or upon arrival in the resort. Please note that we do not supply linen for the cot other than a standard sheet so you may prefer to bring your own cot linen.

Do You have a Representative In Resort Should We Require Information and/or Help?
We have a local representative who lives locally on Crete and has a vast knowledge of the island. She will be able to give you information about many of the hidden sites, walking trails, and best tavernas that only a local would know about, as well as general information about the popular sites. If required our representative can book private boat hire, boat trips, water skiing, horse riding, walking tours, cooking lessons, private astronomy evenings, and excursions for you but please be assured that this is just an extra service that we provide for you - and only if you specifically ask for it. She will also be able to answer any questions that you might have and help you if the need arises due to unforeseen circumstances such as a medical emergency.

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